Understand your customers and increase your sales with our toolset


Stop spending hours on a design that fits your brand !

Our passionate designers gave the best of themselves just for you ! They have built several gorgeous themes, all of those available on your MoonCode dashboard and can be previewed live !

Your App's icon will be carefully made by our designers using your logo. Because every customer is unique to us, each App receives a custom design matching your existing website. Everything is handled for you, just sit back and relax :)

Push Notifications

Engage your customers with Push Notifications

Push notifications will allow you to stand out from traditional e-mail marketing and redirect your customers to your App, where they might buy some of your products !

Sending push notifications to our customers is a no-brainer with us. Just navigate on your dashboard to the “push notifications” section. Write a short message that will grab their attenton and click “send”. It’s as simple as that.

Why not sending a push notification to inform all your customers you have a new product available, or a special offer, or even that your store got some press ?

Intuitive Dashboard

Only pick the collections you want inside your iPhone App

It is not always necessary to include all your collections inside your iPhone App. This is why MoonCode engineers have developed a brilliant way to pick only the collections you want ! Your iPhone App users will only be able to navigate through the collections you elected :)

The changes will be reflected on all your users' devices immediately !


Get to know your customers

Your MoonCode dashboard provides you with useful information about your users. This info is formatted in elegant charts and graphs that will let you know where you are with your App and what you need to do to grow your userbase.

And that’s not all ! We’ll also help you propose your App users some products they would actally buy by providing you insights.

You are on the right track to build an amazing iPhone App community !

Store Sync

Change anything in your store, your iPhone App gets instantly updated !

Once your iPhone App is on the App Store, you don’t have to worry anymore about App updates ! We will already have taken care of every detail for you.

Indeed, if your change any detail about a product or a collection in your store, your iPhone App will be instantly updated to reflect the changes. Your customers will be able to see your improvements in a wink :)

Our engineers have given their best to provide you with this feature and this technology is unique to MoonCode :)

Social Channels

Include all your social feeds (facebook, twitter & instagram) in one place !

Your community matters to you ? It matters to us too. We believe your community should always be aware of your last products, your last social posts & your last social mentions.

With MoonCode you can connect your social accounts to your iPhone App. All your precious social feeds will appear inside your iPhone App. The time where your customers may not be aware of your last tweet is over !

Your App will show great content to your users right away, at day 1 !